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Coming from a place of love and humor, we aim to keep the amazing legacy of Helmut Berger alive for him and all his fans. Being true European film royalty as well as an iconic cult actor, Helmut Berger continues to fascinate and entertain. Join us in celebrating a true legend.


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Don't miss Helmut Berger starring in Albert Serra's production, Liberté, at the Volksbühne which will be performed throughout 2018. Liberté is in German, French and Italian with German and English Subtitles. More info (as well as purchasing tickets), please go to the Volksbühne site. See Helmut interviewed on Volksbühne's YouTube and read the latest reviews of Liberté on EL PAÍS, Frieze, and Spiegel.


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Join @HelmutBergerFan each Sunday on Twitter at noon EST for Helmut Hour where one of Helmut's many movies is watched and analyzed in a light-hearted humorous way. Now playing: The Romantic Englishwoman (1975).






The Official Helmut Berger Fan Store is up again at TeePublic. All custom designs by BHallDesigns and approved by the man himself. Can you guess which one is Helmut's favorite? The tattoo of himself of course! 50% of all sales will be donated to Mr. Berger. Stay tuned for more designs coming this Spring of 2018.


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