"Beth, You chose good pictures" ~ Helmut



What more can be said about the iconic, amazingly gifted actor, Helmut Berger? With a career that spans decades, Helmut began his career as Luchino Visconti's muse and partner by starring in The Damned, a role that propelled Helmut into international stardom at an early age. An extraordinary life filled with non-stop entertainment, decadence, and the penultimate 70s jet set lifestyle, Helmut has lead a life like no other. As for his varied and incredible acting career, Helmut Berger starred in almost 70 movies/television shows ranging from critically acclaimed art house favorites to B movie extravaganzas. An unabashedly bisexual, this legendary cult actor has always walked to his own beat and influenced pop culture in the process. Helmut continues to be hailed, idolized and loved by his many fans that circle the globe. We are happy to contribute our adoration of all things Helmut with the sweet and supportive fans we have and continue to meet on online. This is for you, and of course, the enigmatic Helmut Berger.



Beth and Gaby


Having met through social media last year, Beth and Gaby decided to join forces to share their love of Helmut Berger with the online world. They share Helmut's fan account duties on Instagram while Beth runs Twitter and Pinterest is Gaby's domain. We love to hear from fans, so feel free to talk to us on any of those accounts.



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